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UEFA Champions League is an annual club football event organised by the of the association made by Federation International Football Association (FIFA) and that is Union Europe Football Association (UEFA). It’s world most prestigious tournament and most viewed tournament.

Football is world most popular played game, almost every country play this sport and for this FIFA had made six different association in this world to manage football on large scale in systematically order and they are as follow: CONCACAF, CONMEBAL, CAF, AFC, UEFA. These are made to operate the game in systematically form, out these six UEFA is most powerful association because it has world most powerful club, world most powerful player too. It is also know as world most richest association in football.


  • Talking about UEFA Champions League it was founded in 1955 and rebranded in 1992.
  • First UEFA Champions Cup is won by club Real Madrid of Spain in year 1955 and last Champions cup was won FC Bayern Munich of Germany.
  • So far Football club Real Madrid of Spain has won the most number of tittle and dominating from the beginning of this tournament.
  • They have won “UEFA Champions League” tittle for about 13 times.

What is UEFA (Union Europe Football Association)?

Champions cup is not an ordinary tournament some big footballer compare it with Football World Cup too. There are 55 countries under UEFA and these fifty five countries has their own league and these league basically consists of world best football team. Well qualification is primarily based upon how you finished in your own domestic league the prior year. So each league is allocated a certain numbers of the qualifying spots based on how good their league is that’s determined by the UEFA coefficients.

Comparison of score table of UEFA Champions League

Basically the coefficients complies how well the teams in each league have performed in continental competition in the last five years. After seeing all these stats only 32 teams are able to get in the qualifying

What is the qualification for UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE?

Only 32 teams are able to participate in this tournament and out of these 32 teams 26 teams have reserved there position by doing good in there country league. Now rest 6 spot are decided in the last of July or in the starting of the August through various qualification playoff which a team needs to win to stay in tournament also important to note out of 6 spot 2 are being reserved for the remaining champion league and reigning Europe league champions.

# Now a basic question pops up into everybody mind that why those 26 teams are selected ?

It is decided through their past five year year performs and their and coefficient and seeing the chart that Spain and England are consistently performing well for there nation and infact doing good in their nation league such as La Liga, British Premier League.

UEFA Champions League clubs

As you can see from the above image these are the five which generally dominate in UEFA Champions league and infact they are world richest football club too.

So now talking about the format we have 32 teams which are now randomly split into 8 group of four teams each, pretty similar to world cup. One important aspect of the random split is that same country teams can not be drawn into one group. Just like Real Madrid and Barcelona can not be drawn into same group as they are of same country club and infact play in same league La Liga. As like world cup this league is also held each team has to face the rest 31 team twice. Top two table pointer will compete in final.

What is the prize in UEFA Champions League?

Winning Football Club will get a price of worth 19 Million Euro and runner Football Club will get the price of worth 15 million Euro not just this if a Club has played for then they will approximately 100 Million Euro. It just not a cup or a tittle for Football club it’s their prestige.


I want to end this with some of the beautiful line of one of the best Footballer of his time. “I once cried because i had no shoes to play football, but one day, i met a man who had no feet, so i decided to play with barefooted and today i am hear with 136 pair shoes of top brand.” by ZIDNEDINE ZIDANE

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