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Ever since the dawn of human civilization, religion has been an integral part of our life. Every ancient religion provides numeral teachings but it has observed that all of them revolves around a central idea that is welfare of mankind. Till now many religions have flourished in different part of world, out of which few vanished and few are still expanding. In this article we will know about some ancient religions of world: –

1. HINDUISM– One of the Most ancient Religion

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Hinduism is considered to be one of most the ancient religions of the world having a long history of more than 4000 years. Earlier it was known as SANATAN DHARAM but after advent of Europeans it was identified as Hinduism.

It has 4 Vedas (Vedic Texts), named Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samaveda & Atharvaveda. Rigveda is the oldest written text in Indo-European language.

It is believed that there are 33 Million deities and they created this universe composed of love, compassion and eternal strength.

It is predominantly followed in India and Indian subcontinent by around 1.16 billion people.


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Jainism is supposed to emerged from India in 500BC near Ganga basin. It was contemporary to Buddhism and Hinduism and hence have some common believes.

The preachers were known as Tirthankaras who provide teaching orally in Prakrit Sanskrit. There was total 24 tirthankaras among which last two were most prominent i.e., Parsharvanath (23rd Tirthankara) and Mahavira (24th Tirthankara).

They forced on asceticism, self-discipline and Ahimnsa (non-violence) for exploration of truth of life and enlightenment.


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Buddhism was found by a young prince named Siddhartha Gautama of Lumbini (Modern day Nepal). He renounced his luxurious life and royal family and went for search for truth of life. He spends several years and discuss with thinkers still didn’t get satisfaction. Then he decided to find it on its own and did meditation for years under Bodhi Tree (Ficus religiosa) until he reached enlightenment.

Then he started to preach his teachings among his followers. He taught that life is full of desires and sufferings. To live a peaceful life one should abduct greed, desires and should follow Non-violence and meditation. This ancient religion is followed in several South-East Asian countries


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This ancient religion flourished during the reign of Tang Dynasty (China) which is supposed to be nearly 500 BCE. Taoism was found by Lao Tzu. He wrote a book named Tao Te Ching which was a philosophy. Taoism teaches human how to live with other creatures with harmony.

They believed in immortality of spirit and balancing forces (yin, yang) like light and dark, cold and hot, action and inaction. These forces occur in pairs and have no individual existence.

After the rise of communists in 1959 they banned Taoism in China.


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It is the first Abrahamic religion that follows the ideology of monotheistic. It is supposed to emerge in the reign of Israel and Judah. People following Judaism are called Jewish. Their holy text is known as Tanakh or Hebrew Bible. The first five books of Tanakh are known as Torah. Torah consists set of laws followed by Jews.

Judaism is separated into three major movements

  1. Orthodox Judaism
  2. Reform Judaism
  3. Conservative Judaism


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Confucius is considered to be the founder of Confucianism during 6th – 5th century BCE. It’s a matter of debate whether it is an ethical philosophy or an ancient religion but it had a great impact over the life of Chinese people.

The core values were benevolence, harmony, peace and humanity.

Its great influence was seen during Han Dynasty when emperor Wu Di adopted this ideology.

After the death of Confucius his disciples compiled his wisdom in a book and propagated his ideas.


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Zoroastrianism is an ancient religion based on monotheistic faith. It was established by the Persian prophet named Zoroaster. This monotheistic faith had emerged form Persian polytheistic faith system.

It has a single supreme deity Ahura Mazda referred as “lord of wisdom’’. That’s why it is also known as Mazdayasna or Mazdeism.

Three major Persian empire followed his religion: Achaemenid, Parthian and Sassanian Empire

Various religions like Judaism, Islam and Christianity developed from the central idea of Zoroastrianism.

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