Top 5 Great Scientists and their inventions

Great scientist

No doubt there is a long list of great scientists. But whenever we start thinking in the area of science or about inventions few scientists flash in our mind first. So here are those famous great scientists who change the definition of science in their own way.

List of 5 Great scientists

1. Albert Einstein

One of the Great Scientist – Albert Einstein

Early Life of Albert Einstein

A genius scientist who defines science in his own words. His perception towards science was incredible. He will be always in the list of all time great scientist He was born in 1879 in Ulm, Germany. In his childhood he was assumed to be a dumb child. Once while playing with his younger sister he asked his mother to attach wheels on her feet and her mother started laughing. Only she was the one who never let down his thoughts she supported him.

Discoveries and inventions of Albert Einstein

Einstein’s Equation
  • In 1905 he completed his Ph.D and in same year he wrote a paper on special “Theory of Relativity” which relates energy and mass. This theory do not have experimental proof yet.
  • In 1921 he got his first Nobel prize on Photoelectric Effect. This effect is the experimental proof of Particle nature of light.
  • Along with being a great scientist, Einstein was also a social activist.

2. Isaac Newton

Early life of Isaac Newton

He was born in 1643 in England. He was grown up by his grannie when her mother left him and remarried, when he was only 3. He was graduated from Cambridge University’s Trinity College. He had a very secretive personality.


the interesting thing is that that tree is still alive in ” Woolsthorpe Manor“. Isn’t it interesting?


  • Newton solved the “mystery of falling Apple“. And discovered that earth has it’s own attractive gravitational force due to which things falls towards the ground not away of it.
  • He also worked on “Planetary motion, Universe, Mathematics and gave “Newton’s famous three law of motion” which we learn in our schools.
  • He also wrote a book on Universe named as ‘Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica‘.

3. C V Raman

CV Raman was an Great Indian Scientist. His full was Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman. He was born in 1888 at Tiruchirappalli. He was graduated from Presidency College, Madras. Because of his father who was a Lecturer in a college, he always got an opportunity of Learning and was surrounded with books. C V was a Physicist.

Work of CV Raman

  • He worked on Diffraction, scattering of light , X-Rays, Infrared Rays .
  • In 1948, he proposed Raman Spectroscopy which is used in determination of structure of Crystal.
  • He also proposed Raman Effect.
  • He got Nobel Prize in 1930 for his work on “Scattering of Light”.

4. Marie Curie

Early Life of Marie Curie

One of the great scientist among female. She is a inspiration for every women who want to explore herself and want to work on their dreams. Marie was born in 1867 and her father was a teacher. She was a brilliant student from her childhood. For her research, she went to Paris and there she married to her professor of the Physics. She was a physicist and chemist. She worked on radioactive elements due to which she died due to Leukemia.


She was never offered research grant or any kind of financial help for her work. She was also opposed by many male scientists.

Work and inventions of Marie Curie

  • She worked on Radioactivity. She discovered Radium
  • She won two Nobel Prizes, one by her own in 1911 and another with her husband in 1903.

5. Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking- One of The Great Scientist of 21st centaury

Early Life of Stephen Hawking

The interesting facts about Hawking is that, he was born exactly after 300 years of the death of great Galileo Galilei i.e. 8 Jan 1942. He will always be there among the list of great scientists of 21st Centaury. He was graduated from Oxford University, and want to Cambridge for his research work.

When he was just 21, he was diagnosed with motor neuron disease also known as Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. As the time was passing he faced difficulty in mobility and at last after few years he went completely on wheel chair. Along with these physical challenges, he completed his Ph.D in Cosmology. In 1985 he had completely lot his speech and was unable to express his thoughts. He died in 2018.


He is the first Scientist who take Zero Gravity Flight means experiences the Vacuum. Isn’t it interesting?

Work and Invention of Hawking

Book by Hawking
  • He worked on Big Bang Theory and proposed that As Big Bang theory is the reason of Life it will be also the end of Universe.
  • He also worked on Einstein theory of Relativity. He proposed that Black holes do not completely absorbs or dark rather they also emits radiations but this statement is controversial till today.
  • He also wrote many books which includes few famous are A Brief history of Time, The Universe in a Nutshell, The Grand Design and On the shoulders of A Giants

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