Top 5 Best Leaders of the World


Well, this decade has give us many best leaders in the world. Politics has played a major role in developing this era. Its not an easy feet to select the best leader, because everyone has given his/her every ounce to their respective country. So, here is the list of best leaders of world as follow;

Best leaders of the World

1. Barack Obama

He born in year 1961 in Hawaii. He is 44th President of United States. He ruled one of the strongest nation of the world in his weak time. When he came to office in 2009, when US was heavily stoked by recession, he managed everything very fluently took US GDP by $3 trillion to $17.4 trillion. 

He also served US as a commander-in-chief of the world largest and strongest military. He took many wise and diplomatic decisions in his tenure, especially taking about Middle East. He is still well known for his international relation with world strongest economies and super power such as China and tries his best to resolve US dispute with Russia.

He was also awarded as Noble prize in year 2009 for his “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and corporations between people”. His career and his achievements are the reason that he on the top of our list of best leaders in the world.

2. Vladimir Putin

MOSCOW, RUSSIA – JUNE 30, 2020: Russia’s President Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin is Russian President and has become one of the longest serving President of Russia with four constitutive win in the Russian general elections. Before becoming President he has also served the Russian government by being the Prime Minister of Russia and has also been part of foreign intelligence.

He was born on 7 October 1952 in Saint Pistusberg. He is part of KGB intelligence agency and served as direct-riot of KGB. Based on his performance in KGB he was promoted to counter intelligence division. From 1985 -90 he worked as an under cover agent and then he was also promoted as lieutenant colonel and also become the senior assistance in intelligence agency.

There after stared his political life by his appointment as deputy chief on President and after few years in 1999 he was appointed as Prime Minister of Russia . On the very next year was elected as President of Russia and after a gap of four years as 2008 to 2012 again won elections has till date has been serving as President of Russia. His phenomenal works towards his country and world let us to count him in the list of best leaders of the world.

3. Xi Jinping

Xi jinping is most successful President of China. He born in year 1953 in Beijing, China. He has done chemical engineering from Tsinghua University of China. After completion of his studies he joined Chinese communist party and become his active member. He joined CCP (Chinese communist party) in the starting phase of 80’s. 

He is Chinese best leader in the history of China politics. In his tenure of politics he has taken some unbelievable steps of his party discipline and his anti-corruption campaign, which help China a lot in increasing there GDP to 13.61 trillion. He has done a lot for China that’s makes us to count him in our best leaders of world. 

4. Narendra Modi

Narander Domadardas Modi or Modi was born on 17th September 1950 in Vadnagar village in Maharashtra , India . He sworn as the Prime Minster of India on 26 may 2014 as 15th PM of India , Prior to this he was the Chief Minster of Gujarat and has been at the post of CM from last 20 years. Today he is one of the most powerful and influential person not only in India only but also in world as well. He is one of the best leaders of the world who has holds the power of turning things single handily.

In his early age he used to help is father in selling tea at railway station . After completing his schooling he completed his graduation from Delhi university and post graduation from Gujarat university, while perusing his masters in Gujarat, he joined RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) and from there on his political career started.

Now he is well know for his international political relations , as he has improved relations in world wide as like with Saudi Arabia , Iran , Bahrain and Afghanistan. Looking at his political works he has done remarkable works like induction of Rafale in Indain force , removing article 370 , banning triple talaq and solving the Ayodhya dispute. So these are few works which fetches him in the list of best leaders of the world.

5.Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel born in year 1954 in Hamburg, Germany. She is a German politician who has been Chancellor of Germany since 2005. She entered in politics in Revolution of 1989 and since then she has been a very active and disciplined political person.

Merkel has done her studied in physics from Karl Marx University in Leipzig, Germany. While a student, she participated in the reconstruction of the ruin of the Moritzbastei, project and many so. These small projects helps her initiated to create her leadership qualities. This leadership qualities help her now to become one of best leaders of the world.

With 10 years and three terms in office under her belt, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is a strong and vital leader in Europe. She has faced a lot of challenges throughout her leadership always come out on top. She helped the whole  Europe zone together during the financial collapse and global recession. She has stood up to Russian President Vladimir Putin in his aggression toward Ukraine, and, currently, she’s managing Europe’s refugee crisis and many more issues. She has been a role model for the youth of Germany, this the reason which let us count in your list of best leaders in the world. 

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