Top 12 Interesting Facts about India you must know !!

facts about India

India is rich in everything. It will be very interesting for all of you to see the amazing facts about India. It is known for it’s geographical, cultural, Economical, Historical and Political aspects.

1. 7th Largest Country

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India is the 7th largest country in world in area and is second largest Country in population. India has the largest written constitution in World, with about 1,17,369 words.

2. Land of Versatile Languages

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Among all the facts about India, the best one is that about thousand of Languages are spoken in this Country. Although there are 22 recognized Languages but along with them about 19,500 Languages are spoken in India. Although Hindi is national Language of India. but It is also the second Largest English speaking country in World.

3. Highest Milk production

India is World’s largest producer of milk which is about 132.4 million tons per day. India is an agricultural country

4. Wettest place of the World

Mawsynram in India is the wettest place on Earth with about 11873 millimeter of rain per year. This village is situated in Khasi Hills in Meghalaya.

5. Temple having 160 Kg gold!!

Also one of the fact among all facts about India is that Golden temple in Amritsar Punjab, India is the only temple with golden plating on it. Around 160 Kg of gold worth of rupees 50 Crore is plated over four domes of the temple.

6. Sign of True Love

Taj mahal in Agra is most famous landmark on Earth and it was built in 22 years by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of His wife Mumtaz. It is one of the most beautiful heritage in this world. It also occupies a position in 7 wonders.

7. Kumbh Mela

Kumbh Mela is the World’s largest festival. This mela goes in a cycle between four locations after every three year. One cycle completes after a span of every 12 year. The four places are Haridwar (Ganga), Prayag (Bank of Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati), Ujjain (Kshipra) and Nasik (Godavari ).

8. Holiest River

The holiest river of the World is Ganga, located in India. It is also the home of blind Dolphins due to fresh water of Ganges. The water of Ganga is so pure due to the presence bacteriophage viruses. These viruses attack on harmful disease causing bacteria. One of the most amazing fact among all Facts about India.

9. 2nd highest peak and Himalaya

The Himalaya in India set as wall which protect India from cold current of North pole. Highest peak of Himalaya in India is K2 which is also the second highest peak of the world. K2 is located in POK.

10. Kohinoor

Among rarely known facts about India the rarest known is that The famous and most expensive diamond of the world i.e. Kohinoor belongs to India. But at present it is in the hand of British crown. Isn’t it one of the most interesting fact among other facts about India

11. Invention of Zero

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Zero: The number zero is a representation for the idea of nothingness or the absence of anything. Zero, both as a numeric symbol and as a definition, now aids us in doing calculus, solving complex equations, and is the foundation of computers. This is gifted by India.

Pi: The great Indian mathematician Aryabhatta calculated the value of pi at 3.1416. Not only this, he also proves that pi is an irrational number.

12. Rastrapati Bhawan

Rashtrapati Bhavan, the second largest palace in the world after the Quirinal Palace, in Rome, Italy. It was also known as the Presidential Palace. The construction began in 1912 and finished in 1929; it was completed 17 years ago, and about 29,000 workers served.

Among facts about India the interesting one is that it consists of over 300 rooms with an office for the President, guest rooms and employees. It employs 750 people, 245 of them in the Secretariat of the President. This is constructed of 70 Crore bricks and 30 lakh cubic feet of stone.

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