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facts about earth

We all live on a special planet that is Earth. And our planet is full facts. Facts about Earth are very interesting. Earth which is home to billions of living organisms, its not just a planet , rather we should say that it is made for some extraordinary drama. Here are few interesting facts about earth:

Listing of facts about Earth:

  • It is 3rd terrestrial planet present in the Solar System. The earth is of spherical shape , which is upsurge at equator and . It bulges at the equator and sharpen near the poles.
  • On counting from Sun, Our planet is the third and the largest terrestrial planet and the other terrestrial planets in our Solar System includes Mercury, Venus and Mars.
  • It is the only known planet in our Solar System that provide a environment suitable for life. No other planet have such environment and hence human can’t live on them.
  • At present the age of earth is 4.54 billion years and mass of it 5.9 × 10¹⁵ billion kilograms.
  • The distance of Earth from Sun is itself a unit for measuring distance and the distance between our planet and sun is taken as 1 Astronomical unit which is nearly equal to 149, 598, 262 kilometres.
  • The equatorial and polar radius of 6,378 kilometres and 6,357 kilometres respectively.
  • Our this planet has only one natural satellite, which is moon and it is the 5th largest natural satellite in our entire solar system.
  • Our planet is rich in different type of mineral in its core like nickel, iron, copper and various others elements , which together produce a strong magnetic field resulting in strong Gravitational force.
  • Earth has the highest density of all the planets in our solar system which is about 5.5 gram per centimeter cube, but the density varies at different positions on it.
  • Among all facts about Earth the interesting one is that, in Ancient time people believe that it is center of solar system but Copernicus was the scientist who made the world believe that earth not the center of our solar system, rather it revolves around and sun and also rotate on its own axis which make us feel that sun revolves around earth.
  • Among all facts about Earth, the most common is that ,Earth is also known as blue planet because 70% of earth’s surface is covered by water and only 30% of its area have land. Out of this 70% of total water only 3 percent of water is drinkable and rest of water present in oceans is salty water and can’t be used in drinking purposes.
  • Time taken by the blue planet to complete one rotation on its axis is around 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4 seconds and revolution time of earth is 365 days, 5 hours 48 minutes 45 seconds due to this time lag there occur there comes an extra day in every four year as 29 Feb which is known as leap year.
  • The Blue Planet is mainly composed of iron, silicon and oxygen. Most of are not aware of the fact that oxygen has the largest presence in it crust in form of oxides of different metals.

Does earth have only one natural satellite ?

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If we think that earth has only natural satellite as moon than we may be wrong because the Hungarian astronomers and physicists say they have finally confirmed the existence of two Earth-orbiting “moons” which are made up of dust. So there are two other satellite in form of asteroids which revolves around our earth.

Earth is slightly tilted on its axis at around 66 degrees which is mainly reason for the occurrence of seasons on earth .

Why don’t we feel rotation of earth ?

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Depending on our location on Earth, we may spin through space at a speed of over 1,000 miles every hour but, we never feel any round rotation because when it come to mass comparison of our body with mass of earth then its negligible so we never feel the earth’s rotation, and Not only we rotates around the sun but also around the center of our Galaxy with a speed of around 250 km/sec.

Which is the hottest place?

The hottest spot on Earth is Libya in Africa with an amazing record of 57.8°C and the coldest place on earth is in Antarctica where temperature almost remains below zero always.

On earth different values of gravity are observed at different places, this because the it is not a perfect sphere so their is an unequal distribution of mass over earth due which poles have less gravity when compared to equatorial region.

Many of us believe that Andes is the longest mountain ranges on earth but the real fact is that Earth’s longest mountain range is under water which is stretched up-to length of approx. 65,000 kilometers. This is also one of the intersting among facts about earth.

The deepest point on “blue planet” is The Mariana Trench which is present in Pacific ocean with a depth of 10,916 meters below sea level.

Among all facts, most interesting facts About earth on this blue planet is that there is a sea named The Dead sea, it is famous because in it no one can be drown, so its actions are opposite to what its name suggests.

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