Here are our picks of the top 10 immense things in space

10Biggest asteroid



950Km diameter (average)

Discovered in 1801, Ceres makes up a third of the total mass of the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. 


9Biggest object in our solar system



1,392,000Km diameter

The yellow dwarf star around which we orbit comprises over 99.8 percent of the total mass of our solar system.


8Biggest known planet


GQ Lup b

30 times the radius of Jupiter

This immense exoplanet, detected orbiting a star some some 457 light years from Earth, may have a mass up to 36 times that of Jupiter and is fiercely hot- possibly 2,650 Kelvin.


7Largest structure in the universe

Huge Large Quasar Group (Huge-LQG)

Huge Large Quasar Group (Huge-LQG)

4 billion light-years across

In 2013, an international team detected a chain of some 73 quasars stretching so far that its existence challenges the fundamental Cosmological Principle.


6Biggest black hole


Centre of NGC 1277

17 billion solar masses

This supermassive black hole, at the centre of the NGC 1277 galaxy 220 million light-years away, has a mass 17 billion times greater than our Sun – itself about two nonillion kg.


5Largest galaxy


IC 1101

Six-million light years across

This supergiant elliptical galaxy, discovered in 1790 by William Herschel, at the centre of the Abell 2029 cluster is about one billion light-years away. Our own galaxy, the Milky Way, is a mere 100,000 light-years across.


4Biggest water cloud


Around quasar APM 08279+5255

40 billion times the mass of Earth

In 2011, researchers discovered a vast cloud of water vapour surrounding a quasar some 12 billion light-years away. The cloud holds enough water to fill the Earth’s oceans 140 trillion times over.


3Biggest comet



Visible tail 35 degree

The spacecraft Ulysses passes through the tail of this comet in 2007 and detected ionised gas at a distance of 225 million km behind the nucleus. The ‘shocked wind’ behind the comet was larger still, making McNaught reportedly the largest comet ever discovered.


2Biggest nothing


Booties Void

250 million light-years across

An area of space containing nearly no objects (though a few galaxies are present), this void is around 700 million light years from earth.


1Biggest star


Westerlund 1-26

1,530 solar radii

Measuring distant stars is tricky – determining the edge of the star can be made difficult by solar winds – but the Royal Astronomical Society believes the red supergiant, which is about 1,000,000,000Km across and some 16,000 light-years from earth, is the largest.



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