Top 10 Common Calcium Deficiency Symptoms

calcium deficiency symptom

When we were child we always forced to drink milk and were told that milk has calcium which is responsible for our healthy bones, muscles and hairs. But also the calcium deficiency is very common among every age group.

Deficiency of calcium is known as Hypocalcemia. And here are few common calcium deficiency symptoms which can be observed easily and can be treated by our own.

What are the causes of calcium deficiency

In this blog we will focus on Calcium deficiency symptoms. But before discussing them let’s take a glimpse on causes of deficiency

  • Malnutrition

When our diet is deprived of calcium or any other nutrient we faces many deficiency symptoms. Malnutrition or low calcium diet is one of the reason of appearing of calcium deficiency symptoms. We should take a balance diet daily.

  • Deficiency of Vitamin D

Absorption of calcium is directly related with Vitamin D. If we have vitamin D deficiency then there are chances of having calcium deficiency also.

  • Hypoparathyroidism

It is the another reason of calcium deficiency. It can also be due to improper functioning of parathyroid glands.

What are the Calcium deficiency symptoms?

1. Cramps in Muscles

Muscle cramps – A common Calcium deficiency symptom

Calcium ion is used by muscle proteins {actin and myosin} to compress and relax. If there is a deficiency of Calcium into our body then Muscles feel friction to compress and relax that’s and ultimately results into cramps. Muscle cramps are generally strains and stiffness in muscles.

2. White marks or patches on skin

Due to deficiency of Calcium our skin colour get faded and white patches are seen. These patches are commonly seen on cheeks and chin. Sometimes also seen on hands and thighs. These patches are also sometimes irritating and itching.

3. Symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency


Calcium deficiency symptoms are directly related to the vitamin D deficiency. Because the absorption of Calcium is directly related to the availability of Vitamin D. Hence sometimes when we have the deficiency of Vitamin D we also have Calcium Deficiency also.

4. Fatigue and tiredness

When the level of calcium drops down into our body, we feels insomnia means lack of sleep and our body feels extreme fatigue and tiredness all the time.

5. Lack of Focus

Calcium is also very important for our brain functioning. Whenever the calcium level lowers into our body we starts loosing interest in physical or mental work. Our mind feels confusion in taking any decision. We also starts feeling thoughtless.

6. Frequent Fractures or weakening of bones

Calcium is very important for our bones. Our bone is mainly made up of calcium along with phosphate. If our body face deficiency of calcium, then one of the major calcium deficiency symptom is reflected by our bones. Our bones weakens due to lack of calcium and we the risk of fracture also increases. It can also leads to osteoporosis and osteopenia.

Osteopenia decreases the bone density which leads to weakening of bones and this condition is known as osteoporosis. And as a result our body undergoes frequent fractures.

7. Painful menstrual cycles

In females, Calcium plays a very important role in smoothening of menstrual cycle. Calcium deficiency causes pain during menstrual cycles.

8. Dental problems

We all know calcium and phosphates are two main elements for tooth health. Low level of calcium in our body, leads to increase the risk of dental problems. The problems includes weakening of roots, brittle teeth and bleeding of gum.

9. Delay in healing

Calcium play an important factor in blood clotting. Whenever we get any injury, after few time we see a dark brown pallet over the wound. This pallet is due to the clotting of blood. The clotting factors and fibrous tissues works only if calcium in present in blood. Lack of calcium delay blood clotting.

10. Blood pressure problems

Low level of calcium in blood disturbs the blood pressure level. It also increases the risk of heart diseases.

When to consult a doctor?

As I say in beginning that calcium deficiency is very common in every age group whether it is a child, adult or an old man. But when we go through frequent fractures, anxiety, depression, hallucination or irregularity in sleeping pattern, we should consult to the doctor.

Calcium rich food- Sources of calcium

Calcium deficiency symptoms are commonly observed in all age group people. Calcium deficiency can easily be removed within a week by taking calcium rich food.

Calcium rich food sources are

  • Milk
  • Almonds and cashew
  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Dairy products
  • To cure vitamin D deficiency sunlight is very important. Hence sometimes calcium deficiency is treated by simply sitting in sunlight for 5-10 minutes daily.

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