Top 10 Best Indian Missiles

Indian missiles

India is one of the most rapidly growing militaries in the world and the strength of any Army depends upon the weapons it have . Indian Missiles plays an important role in any combat so this is to make you familiar with top 10 best Indian missiles.

Best Indian Missiles

10. Nag

It is 3rd generation , fire and forget , anti tank missile , developed by DRDO . Nag missile is available in two different variants and these are air launched version and land launched version.
Range : 5 – 15 km
War head capacity: 20 kg

9. Akash

Akash- Indian Missile

Akash missile is a surface to surface , medium range , supersonic ballistic missile which is used in defense system made by DRDO .
Range : 30 km
Warhead capacity: 700 – 800 kg


DRDO successfully launched surface to surface tactical missile ‘Prahaar’ from Chandipur Coast, ITR, Balasore, Orissa on July 21, 2011.

It is surface to surface , short range , ballistic missile developed by DRDO. This missile is used by Indian Army and Indian Airforce . It an all weather and is highly accurate terrain area also.
Range : 150 km
Warhead capacity: 200kg

7. Shaurya

Shaurya Indian Missile

It is a surface to surface, hypersonic cruise missile , developed by DRDO for Indian armed forces. It is considered as a hybrid missile as firstly it behave as ballistic and then as cruise missile.
Range : 750-1900 km
Warhead capacity: 1000 kg

6. K-15 or Sagarika

K-15 Sagarika – Indian Missiles

This missile is made by India and it is a ballistic nuclear missile which can be launched from submarine as well. It is a part of K family missile and is developed form the Indian Navy . At present the missile is used in Arihantclass submarines .
Range : 750-2000 km
Warhead capacity: 650- 750 Kg

5. Dhanush

Dhanush- Indian Missiles

It is variant of Prithvi 2 missile which is developed for the Indian Navy. It is a short range , ballistic missile and is developed by DRDO. It is capable of carrying nuclear warheads as well. It is used as anti ship weapon and to destroy land targets also.

Range : 350-750 km
Warheads capacity: 250-1000 kg

4. Agni

Agni- Indian Missile

Agni missiles are made by India and it is long range , surface to surface ballistic missile capable of carrying nuclear weapons. It is present in several variants which are from medium to intercontinental range. It is present in six different variants as Agni 1, Agni 2, Agni 3, Agni 4,Agni 5 and Agni 6. Agni 6 is under development and is expected to join the family soon.

Range : 200 – 10,000 km
Warhead capacity : 1500 Kg

3. Prithvi

Prithvi- Indian Missiles

The prithvi is first Indian origin missile and  it is surface to surface, short- range Ballistic missile developed by DRDO. The missile is available in three variants i.e. Prithvi 1, Prithvi 2 and Prithvi 3. Indian armed forces are primarily users of this missile.

Range : 350-600 km
Warhead capacity: 500-1000 kg

2. Nirbhay


It is an all weather , long range , subsonic cruise missile which is developed by DRDO.
This missile can be launched from multiple platforms and is capable of carrying conventional and nuclear warheads as well. This works on the principal of fire and forgot and have a low viability over radar.
Range : 1000 km
Warhead capacity : 200 – 500 kg

1. Brahmos

Brahmos- Indian Missile

The brahmos missiles is made by a joint of India and Russian and it is the most advance missile of present time. The name Brahmos came from the rivers Brahmaputra of India and Moskva of Russia. It is a supersonic , short-range, ramjet powered, single warhead, anti ship and land attack cruise missile. It can be launches from land , ship , air and submarine as well. It also have some advance feature like stealth technology and deep diving capabilities and pin point accuracy makes it part of best Indian missiles. Its hypersonic variant is under development which will make it further more deadliest. This is the best missile.

Range : 300-500 km
Warhead capacity: 200-300 kg

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