Making of a wormhole. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Well, by combining sophisticated technology with a dash of negative energy we could create them to transverse space and time.

1. Collect some negative energy

First of all you have to look for a source of strong negative energy to counteract the tendency of a naturally created wormhole to collapse. But storing negative energy is a highly cautious process. It must be stored in a way that overcomes its tendency to make space-time expand around it. For this you would require highly advanced technology and still there is no surety that the collected negative energy exists or not.

2. Look for a wormhole

They are likely to be constantly forming and disappearing on the Universe’s smallest scales. Quantum foam is the space-time continuum seen through an ultra powerful microscope or particle detector. A highly sophisticated piece of technology would have to grab a sub-microscopic wormhole by the throat.

3. Sending the space probe

Once the wormhole has been established with a shot of negative energy, a space probe would have to be send through. It would check where the wormhole ends. It would be left to decay if it didn’t lead to any place useful to us. But in case it leads us to a useful place by creating a beneficial bridge then you have got to inject some more negative energy into it.

4. Shortcut though space

Once the it was large enough, it could be used by traffic. Possibilities of moving the entry and exit into more useful locations may also arise. For all this stuff to happen we would require some sort of a space tug that could use the anti-gravity force of negative energy to push their openings to better places.

5. Cosmic Motorways

Eventually, a wormhole network could span the galaxy and beyond. It may even be possible to tunnel into other universes, if they exist. Since these are shortcuts through space time, they may be used as time machines. But you would never be able to go back to the time before the wormhole was created.


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