Parkinson’s Disease: cause, symptoms and treatment


What is Parkinson’s disease?

We have many brain related disorders in our medical dictionary. Parkinson’s disease is one of them. Parkinson’s is a brain disorder in which brain starts progressively damaged and stops working. After few years the patient looses brain command over his body.

Stages of Parkinson’s disease

Basically there are 3 stages of Parkinson’s:

Stage 1 : It is a very mild stage of disorder. We can say that it is the starting of disorder. Changes in facial expression, slowness in movement are few symptoms.

Stage 2: In this stage  tremor, rigidity, and other movements affecting both sides of the body and poor postures are observed as symptoms.

Stage 3 : It is the advanced stage. Patient can’t live alone. He becomes totally depend on some other person for his daily routine work. body movement stops completely.


Parkinson’s disease is caused by a loss of nerve cells in part of the brain called the substantia nigra. This leads to a reduction in a chemical called dopamine in the brain.

Dopamine plays a vital role in regulating the movement of the body. A reduction in dopamine is responsible for many of the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

Exactly what causes the loss of nerve cells is unclear. Most experts think that a combination of genetic and environmental factors is responsible. But no one have exact known cause.


  • Shaking in limbs usually in hands and fingers.
  • Rigidity in muscles with pain in movement.
  • slow movement in daily routine task.
  • loss of automatic movements like smiling, blinking of eyes.
  • Stooped posture and difficulty in walking.


Parkinson’s disorder do not have any permanent cure. But treatments are available to help to get some relief in body pain.

  • Physiotherapy- it helps to improve body movements. Relieve muscle stiffness and joint pain through movement (manipulation) and exercise.
  • Speech therapy- many people suffering from Parkinson’s suffers from difficulty in speech. Speech therapy helps them to improve this difficulty.
  • Diet- Diet is one of the most important part of our health. Most of the diseases we face are because of our unhealthy diet. In Parkinson’s increasing the amount of fiber and liquid in our diet will help to some extent.
  • Medication- In medication one of the most commonly used medicines are dopamine antagonist. But we also can’t ignore the side effects of medication.
  • Surgery- Surgery as treatment is considered in very rare cases. The surgery deep brain stimulation is done in Parkinson’s. It involves implement of a pulse generator beneath the skin.

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