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All about Indian Navy

Indian Navy
The Indian Navy is the naval branch of the armed forces of India. Though the primary objective of the navy is to secure national maritime borders, India also uses its navy to enhance its international relations through joint exercises, humanitarian missions including disaster relief. Photo Source: https://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/twin-naval-exercises-with-us-supercarriers-signal-quad-has-arrived/story-8J11B7NURit4ZqpVBMP4VO.html Size
A Pandemic is a disease outbreak that spread across countries or continents. And an outbreak is when an illness happens in in unexpected high numbers. We all are suffering from the Covid-19 pandemic whose outcome is hard to predict but we can have a look at the worst pandemics that this world has seen! Here are the...
Indian air force
The Indian Air Force is the air arm of the Indian armed forces. Its primary responsibility is to secure Indian airspace.And to conduct aerial warfare during a warfare. During its formation it was known as Royal Indian Air Force but after independence its name was changed to Indian Air Force. Size of Indian Air...
Who doesn’t love to go on a vacation? We all surely do. This article is for all the people who love to travel and go places. Below mentioned are the places that you surely would want to add to your bucket list. These are places with naturally beautiful sceneries and world famous landmarks. 1. Bali,...
luxury cars
What are Luxury Cars? Luxury cars are known for there comfort, quality and status. Everyone of want to own a Royal and Luxury car. And everyone have a name of luxury car in their bucket list. But which car it should be is upon you. Few of us want a royal Look few...
 Who are the richest man of India ?  The list of the richest man of India can varies from year to year. The list is basically depend upon the net wealth of these billionaires. Here is latest list of India's top 7 richest man, based on Forbes latest survey, which was in October 2020. 

All about Indian Army

Indian Army
The Indian Army is the land based branch and the largest component of the Indian Armed Forces. Its primary mission is to ensure the national security and defense of the Republic of India from external aggression andthreats, and maintaining peace and security within its borders. Size :
top 10 richest film stars of the world
Who are the richest film star in the world ? We are about to show you that... Some of the most popular film stars in the world are worth more than a billion dollars. So we have decided to make a list of top 10 richest film stars worldwide.
biggest destroyer
Photo source:https://defencyclopedia.com/2016/12/30/top-10-most-powerful-destroyers-in-the-world/ This is to make you comfortable with biggest destroyers present in the world today. In Navy, a destroyer is a fast, maneuverable, long endurance warship, which are mainly for providing support to larger vessels in a Navy fleet convoy or in a battle group and to defend them from power full...
best cricketer
This has always being very controversial to choose who are those best cricketers to be listed in top 5. Cricket is one of the most followed and played sports world wide since ages. This sport has evolved in last few years and attracted billion of people towards it. Here we trie our best...
Immunity booster drink

Top 8 Immunity booster drinks

In todays unhealthy lifestyle we all are facing lots of stress and various kind of disease. These all problems are directly or...
medicinal plants

Top 8 Medicinal Plants

We have a vast allopathy science in this 21st century but our Ayurveda is still a very important branch of our medical...
aloe vera

Top 8 best Benefits of Aloe Vera

There are numerous benefits of Aloe vera Plant is a common medicinal plant, found in every second house. In scientific...
ancient religions

Top 7 most Ancient Religion of the World

Ever since the dawn of human civilization, religion has been an integral part of our life. Every ancient religion provides numeral teachings...
facts about India

Top 12 Interesting Facts about India you must know !!

India is rich in everything. It will be very interesting for all of you to see the amazing facts about India. ...
dna replication

The machinery and the enzymes in DNA replication

After the discovery of Double helical structure of DNA by Watson and Crick, they immediately proposed the DNA replication process.
haunted place

Top 10 Haunted Places in World

We all have heard the story tales of ghost when we were child and also think about them. We all are curious...
Hotel rooms

The Hilbert’s Hotel Paradox

Hilbert created a thought experiment called the “Hilbert grand hotel paradox” to explain the complexity of the concept of infinity.
Tourist spots in Sikkim

Top 8 Beautiful Tourist spots in Sikkim

There are so many beautiful tourist spots in Sikkim. Sikkim is the second smallest state of India. Whenever you want to...
Benefits of ashwagandha

Top 10 Health benefits of Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is an ancient, traditional and evergreen medicinal shurb which is found most commonly in Asiatic countries. Benefits of Ashwagandha are countless....