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DNA structure
We all are familiar about Evolution and mutation we also know that these terms depends directly on DNA structure. We all know that our ancestors are apes. But have you tried to find out what is that thing which control all of this? Here is the answer!! DNA and...
facts about basketball
We have heard many interesting facts about Basketball because, basketball is one of the most played sports of the world. Basketball is not a easy game to play, it requires endurance, great skills and team spirit to defeat the opponent. We have gathered list of some interesting facts about basketball. 1. History of...
brain health
Brain health or a healthy brain is the most important for our body, as like CPU in computers it performs same functions in our body. It is responsible for controlling our function and it also gave instructions to all other body parts as well. So it is necessary to keep our brain active. So, here are 6...
strongest acid
There are many Dangerous and Strongest acids which are highly corrosive, hazardous and irritant in nature and one drop of them can burn our skin. We have heard about many acid accidents in our labs and sometimes they are so worse that a person would lost their eyes, limbs and would suffer from permanent deformities.

8 Most Dangerous cats

Presently, there are only eight species of big cats that survived out of thirty eight diverse group of large felid carnivores. These eight living species are classified into three groups that include the Panthera, Felis, and Acinonyx. Each species is quite unique and can be distinguished from the others by their different body size, behavior, and appearance.
facts about earth
We all live on a special planet that is Earth. And our planet is full facts. Facts about Earth are very interesting. Earth which is home to billions of living organisms, its not just a planet , rather we should say that it is made for some extraordinary drama. Here are few interesting facts about earth:
Perfume bottle
We all get fascinated towards good smell or we can say towards perfumes. We all attract towards good smell or perfumes just because they keep our mind calm and our mood happy. A a fact, many researches said that perfumes or delightful aroma helps to produce a good hormone into our body. We feels stress free and...
"What is snake ?" Snakes are not a mammal or amphibians, they are reptiles. They are one of the most dreaded creatures on Earth, but without substantive reasons. This may be an instinctual fear born into many creatures to protect them from predatory creatures. The moment we heard about the...
solar system
There are many facts regarding our solar system which are unknown to many of us , so this is to set you on small trip to our solar system that will make you surprise and will give you a thrilling experience. 1. Only Planet On Which Life Is Possible : Earth
The loss of celebrities are not easy, but in certain star's cases, their passing came way before it was their time to go. Death is the world bitter's truth of our life. Either it's a celebrities or common person everyone has to face this truth in his or her life. But having untimely or unfortunate death is...
Immunity booster drink

Top 8 Immunity booster drinks

In todays unhealthy lifestyle we all are facing lots of stress and various kind of disease. These all problems are directly or...
medicinal plants

Top 8 Medicinal Plants

We have a vast allopathy science in this 21st century but our Ayurveda is still a very important branch of our medical...
aloe vera

Top 8 best Benefits of Aloe Vera

There are numerous benefits of Aloe vera Plant is a common medicinal plant, found in every second house. In scientific...
ancient religions

Top 7 most Ancient Religion of the World

Ever since the dawn of human civilization, religion has been an integral part of our life. Every ancient religion provides numeral teachings...
facts about India

Top 12 Interesting Facts about India you must know !!

India is rich in everything. It will be very interesting for all of you to see the amazing facts about India. ...
dna replication

The machinery and the enzymes in DNA replication

After the discovery of Double helical structure of DNA by Watson and Crick, they immediately proposed the DNA replication process.
haunted place

Top 10 Haunted Places in World

We all have heard the story tales of ghost when we were child and also think about them. We all are curious...
Hotel rooms

The Hilbert’s Hotel Paradox

Hilbert created a thought experiment called the “Hilbert grand hotel paradox” to explain the complexity of the concept of infinity.
Tourist spots in Sikkim

Top 8 Beautiful Tourist spots in Sikkim

There are so many beautiful tourist spots in Sikkim. Sikkim is the second smallest state of India. Whenever you want to...
Benefits of ashwagandha

Top 10 Health benefits of Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is an ancient, traditional and evergreen medicinal shurb which is found most commonly in Asiatic countries. Benefits of Ashwagandha are countless....