Top 7 great Inventions in science that changed the world

Inventions in science that changed the world

Can you imagine your life without light? There are so many inventions in science that changed the world. Invention of bulb, invention of computer, airplane, trains are few of them. Even invention of wheel was also a great invention without wheel there would be no car, no train infact no bicycle!!

So we should thankful to science, which make our life so easy. Without science we are nothing. Let’s have a look on few of the great inventions in science that changed the world

1. Invention of Wheel

Inventions in science that changed the world- Invention of wheel

Wheel was discovered around in 3500 B.C. Actually invention of wheel was not a purposed invention. According to David Anthony, a professor of anthropology at Hartwick College, it was an accidental discovery when a wooden log was rolled down from the top of hill. Now the invention of wheel plays a vital role in our daily life our car, scooter, bicycle, train all are nothing without wheels.

2. Invention of bulb

Can you imagine your night with our a bulb? Can you dance in a club without those colourful, fluorescent disco bulbs. All thanks to Thomas Edition who created a functioning light system, including a generator and wiring as well as a carbon-filament bulb like the one above, in 1879.

3. Invention of Telephone

Inventions in science that changed the world- Telephone

Can you imagine your life without a telephone. We all are connected to our friends and family only because of this gadget. It is an important part of our life. Sir Alexander Graham Bell got the patent of telephone in 1876. He called the first telephone an “electrical speech machine”. After this a huge revolution came and mobile phones were invented. According to PBS when Bell died on Aug. 2, 1922, U.S. telephone service stopped for a minute to honor him.

4. Invention of antibiotics and vaccines

Inventions in science that changed the world- Invention of vaccines

Invention of antibiotics and vaccines are the gift to mankind. The growth of harmful bacteria and viruses in our body leads to diseases. Louis  Pasteur and Alexander Fleming, in 1928 discovered  penicillin. Antibiotics improved the human health very rapidly. They increases our live. In last 50 years, we discovered more than 100 vaccines for disease like chickenpox, polio, tetanus etc. Antibiotics including penicillin, vancomycin and streptomycin have gone on to fight nearly every known form of infection, including influenza, malaria, meningitis, tuberculosis and most sexually transmitted diseases.

5. Invention of Airplane

Inventions sciences that changed the world- Invention of Airplane

Wilbur and Orville Wright also known as “wright brothers” were the pioneer of aviation in 1903. It took 2 years. Wilbur and Orville set to work trying to figure out how to design wings for flight. They observed the wings of birds when they took flight. They observed that how they balance themselves while flying. And did the same with their project. Wilbur flew their plane for 59 seconds, at 852 feet, an extraordinary first flight. And now we can go anywhere on this earth by taking a one flight. So easy!

6. Invention of Television

Inventions in science that changed the world-Invention of Television

Television was discovered by Philo Farnsworth in 1927. He got the idea when he was working in a vegetable field. He thought that a picture could be dissected by a simple television camera into a series of lines of electricity. The lines would be transmitted so quickly that the eyes would merge the lines. He used this idea and start working on it using cathode rays. After few years few modification were carried out and in 1953 coloured TVs were discovered. And now a days we have LEDs, LCDs and OLEDs.

7. Invention of Watch

Inventions in science that changed the world- Invention of watch

Peter Henlein who was a locksmith and clockmaker invented first clock in 1505. One of the renowned discovery. Without clock we can’t imagine our daily life. Waking up without a alarm and get ready for school or office on time is impossible without a watch.

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