Diabetes treatment


Everyone of us are now familiar with word DIABETES and whenever we heard this word , our mind immediately connect it to sugar. Over 463 million people have diabetes in all over the world and among them 77 million are from India and are busy in finding diabetes treatment.

what is a diabetes ?

Diabetes is a disease caused by no longer secretion of hormone INSULIN by pancreas. Insulin is a key hormone of breaking down of glucose and pass it to blood stream, ultimately leads to production of energy. No longer secretion of insulin leads to raise glucose level in blood stream known as HYPERGLYCEMIA. It is a curable disease. The common diabetes treatment we can see is intake of insulin.

Types of Diabetes

There are mainly 3 types of diabetes :

  • TYPE 1: DIABETES INSIPIDUS can develop at any age. In this type of diabetes body produces very little or no insulin. A patient of type 1 diabetes take insulin injections daily to maintain blood sugar level in control.
  • TYPE 2: DIABETES MELLITUS very common, mainly found in 90 percent of diabetes patients . In this type either the pancreas do not produce insulin or the body is not able to take insulin. This type is treated by physical activities , healthy life style and over the period of time by oral drugs.
  • Gestational diabetes (GDM) : This type is mainly present during pregnancy. And is associated with both mother and child. It usually disappears after pregnancy but the child is at higher risk in later life.

factors that increase your risk


fast food

Now a days almost we all are familiar with the term obesity. A common term which is responsible for most of the diseases. If a person carries most of the weight around belly, he or she is called “apple- shaped” and if carries most if the weight around hips and thighs, it’s called “pear- shaped”. A person having apple- shaped is at higher risk for diabetes, heart risk and high blood pressure.

Family history

Our genetics play a very major role in most of the diseases. We can carry diabetes by birth inherited by our parents. Type 2 diabetes is caused by both genetics and environmental factor.

Physical inactivity

Individuals who do not find time for physical exercises are at the greater risk of diabetes. ” Lesser activity higher risk”. This risk stems from cells becoming resistant to the action if insulin.

Blood pressure and cholesterol

digital blood pressure moniter

In our regular checkup, if our blood pressure is high and has crossed 140/90 mm Hg, triglycerides are more than 250 mg/dl or HDL cholesterol is less than 35 mg/dl, than it’s time to pull up our socks and bring some quick healthful changes in our lifestyle. These parameters are clear indicators of initiating of diabetes.


Type 2 diabetes increase with age. Earlier the risk was after 45 but now a days it is common in twenties, thirties and early forties. This is only because of poor lifestyle.

Diabetes treatment without medicine

Eat healthy

healthy diabetes treatment

A healthy diet for a diabetic patient should contain more fibre, restrict fat to less than 30 percent of daily calories and reduce saturated fat intake to less than 10 percent calories. The less processed food you take and the more natural food you take, the better is for you.

Get a walk

Simplest diabetes treatment: walk

A 30 minutes brisk walk can do a magic in your dull and unhealthy life. If you find it not interesting you can swim, cycle, do aerobic dancing or you can play any sport. Make sure that you should do at-least 150 minutes exercise in a week.


Easiest Diabetes treatment

Now a days yoga is the ultimately cure of most of the diseases. It not only help us to keep calm and stress free it also help us to cure diseases like diabetes. It is one of the best way to cure most of our health related problems.

Maintain a healthy weight

If a person have BMI 24 or over, than it’s time to take some proactive measures to shed weight. In 95 percent cases the reason of obesity is straight forward i.e. too many calories, and too little activity. Reverse this, and you may profit!.

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