10 Easy Backpain exercises: Treatment of backpain

backpain exercise

What are the causes of back pain?

There are so many causes or reasons of backpain. But commonly backpain are commonly caused by following reasons:

  • Strain in Ligament: Sometimes due to sudden jerk our backbone ligament get strained. It is one of the reason of backpain.
  • Osteoporosis: Osteoporosis is the condition where bone density decreases and bones becomes weak. It is commonly seen when there is a deficiency of calcium.
  • During pregnancy: Commonly seen
  • Slip Disc: Slip disc is the condition where the disc between two spinal bones get rubbed bye each others.

What are the easiest backpain exercises?

There are so many backpain exercises to treat the backpain but they all depends on the intensity and condition of you back. So these backpain exercises are only for moderate and mild conditions.

1. Touch your toes

First stand up straight on your feet. Now slowly move in front direction towards your toes without bending your knees. Repeat this for 4-5 times.

This pose is also known as forward bend pose.

2. Crunches

Crunches are corestrengthening exercise. They are good for lower back strengthening.

Lie on your back, put your hands below your head. Now slowly slowly move towards your knees and from half way move to original position. Repeat this exercise for about 8-9 times.

3. Knee to chest

Lie straight on your back. Now slowly lift your knee towards your chest. Touch your chest with your knee. Hold this pose for about 30 seconds. Repeat the same with another leg. Do this exercise for about 8-10 Times.

4. Lateral leg lift

Lie on your back. Then tilt your body laterally. Now slowly move your upper leg in upward direction. Hold the pose for 60 seconds. Now slowly come back down in original position.

Repeat the same with other leg.

5. Cobra Pose

Like a cobra!

Cobra pose is not only good for backpain exercise but it is also good for proper and healthy digestion.

For this pose, first lie on your back. Now place your hands parallel to your shoulders. Now slowly slowly starting inhaling and move upward. Stretch yourself and place your head in upward direction.

This pose make your back flexible and also help to strengthen your back.

6. Downward facing Pose

Lie down straight on your chest. Now slowly slowly move your leg in upward direction. Now lift your lower body in upward direction and keep your knee straight. Your whole body weight should be on your feet and hands.

This pose is also known as dog pose.

7. Sit and twist

For this pose, first sit straight and keep your legs outwards. Now start moving your upper body in backward direction. It should look like a twist. Your legs should not move. Hold it for 60 seconds.

Repeat the same from other side.

This is a good pose as backpain exercise.

8. Dhanurasana or Leg extension

Look like a bow!

This is also known as bow pose. This pose is also good for proper digestion along with back pain treatment. Just lie down on your stomach and slowly move your legs upward and try to hold your toes with your palm just like a bow.

9. Leg up the wall

This is also known as headstand pose.

Along with backpain exercise, this pose is good for blood circulation.

Just keep your head on the wall for support. And slowly slowly starts moving your leg on upward direction.

In initial days it’s difficult to keep your legs straight at 90 degree angle to the floor. But keep trying.

10. Triangle pose

Make your self a triangle!

Stand straight on your feet in a V position. Now start moving slowly on right side but keep your face in the initial position do not turn your move. Touch your palm with the floor and keep your other hand in the air. Hold the pose for 60 seconds and repeat it with other side.

When to consult the doctor?

The above backpain exercises are only for mild conditions. If you met with an accident or you have severe pain then don’t follow these exercises. Consult to your doctor immediately.

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